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Image by Enecta Cannabis extracts
genesis wellness with the vitruvian man as symbol of health and balance

Wholesale Program

Please register your company information to become a valued and trusted Wholesaler

Wholesale Order Process

Step 1 - Select the ORDER  button below to access the order form.   ( Microsoft Excel Order Form found in the Download )
Step 2 - Fill-out the order form with customer information and enter the quantity in the cell for the desired product and flavor.
Step 3 - Send complete order form via E-mail to

Step 4 - Pay sales order below with the amount net of any discounts.  
Step 5 - Genesis Wellness will send invoice via E-mail and the product will be shipped in 24 hours.

Pay Sales Order


Thank You for your order!!!​  Please Do Not Hesitate to Contact us @

CBD Wholesale Distributors

Genesis Wellness wholesale program allows you to profit from offering
your customers the highest quality and service of CBD products.

Thanks for submitting!

You will be contacted by a customer service rep.

Image by Enecta Cannabis extracts
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