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About Us

Genesis Wellness is the COURAGE you need to create HOPE.



Genesis Wellness calling is to create wholesome products to enhance the connection between the mind and body. The mind + body connection is a vital link between your mental and physical quality of life. The mind and body are powerful allies, and your current state of mind influences the body and its functions. How you think can affect how you feel and how you feel can affect your thinking. 

“Revival of the Mind & Body”


Personal Ailments

Strong mind + body connection begins with alleviating stressors on the body which may be caused by anxiety, excessive worrying, and other cognitive distress. Alleviation of these mental matters may reduce the physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, sweating, fatigue, tense muscle, and difficulties with focus. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural oil derived from cannabis plant to aid in both mental and physical health. 


The core principle of Genesis Wellness is to aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by improving your mental attitude, confidence, and productivity to achieve success. The four pillars of a healthy lifestyle are nutrition, relaxation, sleep, and exercise. Inclusion of Genesis Wellness supports three of the four pillars by keeping your body in motion and creating mental clarity and calmness.



Everyone is faced with fear and anxiety in their daily lives and avoidance is not the solution. If you continue to avoid these influences, they will prevent you from participating in life’s greatest joys. Courage is a technique to facing your fears and anxiety but not necessarily the preferred solution. Acknowledging the basis for these influences and creating a course of action generates HOPE for an individual to improve their quality of life.

Genesis Wellness is the COURAGEyou need to create HOPE.

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